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SAMQA is a learning engine for doing Merit Champion Certification. Merit Champion Certificates are issued from UK.The promotional activities are currently carried out by our technology partner Infosams Technology & Media Limited, India.

Infosams Technology & Media Limited, India technically supports in implementing the courses in various educational institutions.

This programme is currently available in the UK, USA and India. This will be also rolled-out in the countries like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore and Canada shortly.

This certification helps the future computing professionals hoping to keep pace with the world’s rapidly-changing technologies must develop a solid foundation in the basic principles of computers.

A team of IT professionals working with FORTUNE 500 companies helped us in framing (UKBLS) Universal Knowledge Based Learning System. This team carries strong expertise from the past online learning mechanism such as Software and Management Technology Institution (SAMTI), Information Technologies and Intelligence Test Qualification (ITITQ) which was successfully launched by them nearly a decade ago.

Based on more than a decade of expertise in helping various student community, Merit Champion computer learning programme is specially designed for Indian institutions & students at various levels.

School Students - Merit Champion in Computer Foundation – Level 1 to 7
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