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Overview :

Merit Champion Certificates are issued from UK. Merit Champion Certification is available for students through institutions only and currently is not available to individuals. The institutions take the responsibility in training and preparing the students for the certification.

Infosams Technology & Media Limited, India technically supports in implementing these programme in various educational institutions.

Programmes available :

Computer Foundation – Level 1 to 7 for schools students.

SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) – Level 1 & 2 for college students.

Upcoming Certification Programmes :

Robotics Foundation – Level 1 to 7 for schools students.

This programme is currently available in India and UK. This will be available in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa and Singapore shortly.

Simple steps for institutions on how to engage to our programmes :

  • Send us your interest for signing on our programme.
  • Our team will contact you to know more about your institution to understand about your infrastructure, student strength & other parameters.
  • Agree the detail on how many students will be willing to participate from your institution to our programme on yearly basis. Subsidised exam cost are available, based on various parameters, which will also be discussed by our team and appropriate exam fees will be agreed.
  • For example, if 500 students are interested, the details of exam fees, details of licences for free online training and the level of technical support are agreed at he first place. Based on the details agreed, both parties sign up. For the process to progress we anticipate only 50% of the agreed exam fees to be paid during sign-up. We don’t charge anything other than the exam fees.
  • The institutions need to agree a timescale to complete the learning modules & get the students prepared for examination. Then before the exam balance 50% of the exam fees, can be paid by institution. We help in Conducting exams On-line or off-line based on the mutual arrangement. The results & certificates will send the certificates directly to the institutions in around 45 days.
Course Details :

School Students – Merit Champion in Computer Foundation – Level 1 to 7 

The school students can then learn various areas in the field of computers & they can be prepared for Merit Champion Certification. Students from Class 3 to 9 can take-up these exams and obtain extra credentials and certification. This will be always helpful for the kids and bring them great joy, “Merit Champion” will be a feather in the cap for school students.

School : Course Details
Courses Approximate
Age / Class
Syllabus Exam Fees Units
Computer Foundation - Level 1 Age 8 / Class 3 Syllabus £12 (UK), $20 (USA) Rs.1200 (INDIA) 9
Computer Foundation - Level 2 Age 9 / Class 4 Syllabus £12 (UK), $20 (USA) Rs.1200 (INDIA) 9
Computer Foundation - Level 3 Age 10 / Class 5 Syllabus £12 (UK), $20 (USA) Rs.1200 (INDIA) 8
Computer Foundation - Level 4 Age 11 / Class 6 Syllabus £12 (UK), $20 (USA) Rs.1200 (INDIA) 10
Computer Foundation - Level 5 Age 12 / Class 7 Syllabus £12 (UK), $20 (USA) Rs.1200 (INDIA) 9
Computer Foundation - Level 6 Age 13 / Class 8 Syllabus £12 (UK), $20 (USA) Rs.1200 (INDIA) 8
Computer Foundation - Level 7 Age 14 / Class 9 Syllabus £12 (UK), $20 (USA) Rs.1200 (INDIA) 7
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